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Siding Types

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Homeowners today have a wide variety of exterior siding types to choose from. An expanded palette of color options and long-lasting durability make new siding an easy decision. The toughest choice you'll face is narrowing down the color and texture patterns for just the right look.

That's where we can help. 1st Source Contractors has been repairing and installing all siding types for over a decade. Call us and let us show you a range of products that will protect and beautify your home.

We have experience with all siding types and all kinds of houses. We can demonstrate what works well on your style of home, what fits your neighborhood and what works for your budget. All siding estimates are free.

Among the Most Popular Siding Types Are:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Metal/Steel
  • Fiber cement

Vinyl - Vinyl has been the #1 choice of homeowners for decades. It’s easy to see why. Vinyl exterior panels are tough, attractive and economical. The pigment runs all the way through the material, so nicks and scratches don't show up, and you'll never have to paint.

You'll have hundreds of colors to choose from and textures that range from a rich, detailed wood grain to a clean smooth finish. You can expect vinyl to last for decades with almost no maintenance. An occasional wash is usually the only requirement to keep this product looking good.

Vinyl is lightweight and durable and can be installed quickly. It is usually the most affordable of all of the siding types.

Aluminum - Aluminum offers an attractive look for your home and resistance to cracking from impacts like hail and wayward baseballs. Newer factory-finished colors are expected to last for years, so a quick touch-up of scratched surfaces and a wash with a garden hose are the only expected maintenance.

Aluminum is one of the older siding types that became less common as other materials grew in popularity. Today, aluminum is regaining respect for its lightweight durability and attractive colors and finishes. It is also fully recyclable.

Steel - Steel siding is stronger and even more durable than aluminum or vinyl. Like aluminum, new factory finishes give you decades of reliable service with minimal maintenance needs. It, too, can be recycled.

Call us and we'll give you a free estimate and show you examples of our installations.

Fiber Cement - Fiber cement is one of the siding types that is rapidly growing in popularity. It is molded from wood fibers (cellulose), cement and sand. It closely simulates real wood-grain look and feel without the maintenance demands of all-wood.

Top manufacturers like James Hardie and CertainTeed make durable fiber cement panels with long-lasting factory-primed or factory-painted finishes. Depending on the application, repainting might be required in 10-15 years. Compare that to every 2-3 years for wood.

Of course, the surface is easily repainted if you decide to change the color scheme of your house ahead of that schedule.

Fiber cement siding types have a useful life expectancy of up to 50 years. Yours may last much longer. The manufacturers have so much confidence in this product that they offer warranties of up to 30 years. In some cases the warranties are transferable if the house is sold.

Fiber cement is rot-resistant, even in damp environments. It is impervious to termites and other pests. It resists rain, hail, snow and the damage done by the sun's UV rays.

St. Louis Siding Types

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