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Siding Replacement

Siding Replacement St. Louis

Having the right siding replacement team in your corner is a vital part of storm damage recovery. The thunderstorms, tornadoes and blizzards that roll through our area will put your home's exterior to the test. Complete restoration requires a specialist experienced with both home building materials and the insurance claims process.

1st Source Contractors provides siding replacement to the highest standards of workmanship. We'll meet with your insurance adjusters and work with them from start to finish. It is part of our job to make sure you get the full benefit of your homeowner's policy.

Wind, hail, water and ice can devastate different siding applications. Whether you have vinyl, aluminum, steel or fiber cement, we offer siding replacement that will restore your home to its original beauty and function.

Siding Replacement Due to Wind Damage

The powerful winds of a thunderstorm or tornado can get underneath your siding panels and force them away from the structure of your house. Once a small area is lifted, forceful wind gusts can easily tear away large sections of siding.

Some types are installed with the panels interlocked from top to bottom to provide a weather proof seal. This works to the homeowner's advantage in almost all conditions. Unfortunately, if one panel gives way to the wind, all of the adjacent panels can go with it.

Don't leave your house unprotected. Call us right away.

Siding Replacement Due to Hail Damage

Hail and wind-driven debris can leave you with dented and cracked siding. Don't let your adjuster neglect this kind of damage. Cracks will eventually allow dirt and moisture to penetrate you exterior walls and cause ongoing problems that will have to be corrected. Pests use damaged areas as pathways to the interior of your home.

Siding replacement is often the proper way to deal with large areas of destruction caused by hail. Call us and we will be happy to accompany your insurance adjuster on his initial inspection. Our extensive experience with siding replacement will help identify broken or dented exteriors that might otherwise be overlooked.

Moisture Damage
If wind, hail or ice has damaged the exterior of your house, it's important to locate and identify any areas of moisture penetration, as well. Even panels that remain intact could have had water infiltrate from damaged areas. Before we perform any siding replacement, we'll make a careful examination of the supporting structure and we'll make sure that the moisture barrier is intact.

Uncorrected moisture problems will lead not only to structural rot, but also to mold and mildew growth that can migrate to your home's interior. We'll work with your insurer to provide the proper complete restoration strategy for even hidden storm damage to your property.

Claiming Insurance
As licensed general contractors, we specialize in roof repair and gutter repair, along with siding replacement. We can provide a comprehensive package of complete exterior recovery without the hassle of having multiple contractors. We'll walk through the initial inspection with your insurance adjuster from the top of your roof to exterior walls, to garages and storage sheds.

St. Louis Siding Replacement

We've worked with most insurers and they are happy to collaborate with us because we share the same goal of returning your home to its original condition. Doing the job right the first time helps prevent future storm damage. Siding replacement that is properly installed does a better job of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

We've been working in this area since 2003 and we'll be here to stand by our work. Don't count on transient contractors and storm chasers for restoration. Ask them if they will handle the insurance paperwork. Ask if they will meet the adjuster. Ask if they will work with the insurer to mitigate problems that went unnoticed in the initial inspection.

When another contractor answers "no" to any of these questions, tell them you'll be calling 1st Source Contractors. We have a proven reputation and we intend to live up to it on every job. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau - zero complaints!

We are a family-owned company that is proud to offer worry-free, hassle-free service to the area's military families. We provide siding replacement in St. Louis, O'Fallon, Belleville, Fairview Heights and the entire region.

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