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Gutter Types

Gutter Accessories and Rain Barrels

The right gutter types for different homes can depend on several factors. The design style of your house, the pitch of your roof and, of course, your budget will all help determine which of the various styles is right for your home.

We can help you sort out the alternatives. 1st Source Contractors has over a decade of experience handling repair, replacement and installation of recommended gutter types. Call us and we’ll show you examples of our work on houses similar to your own.

Seamless Gutter Types

Seamless gutters are constructed from steel, aluminum or copper. They are formed on- site and cut to size. The only seams involved are at the elbows. In older gutter types, the seams were typically the first point of failure and leaks. Seamless applications have eliminated that problem.

We can accomplish many seamless installations in less than a day. Call us for free estimate.

Affordable Aluminum Gutter Types

Seamless aluminum is considered superior to steel because it will never rust. Aluminum is available in different thicknesses to handle different load expectations. For example, it is recommended that the thicker gauge be used in areas where heavy snowfall could weigh down your gutter.

Aluminum is installed with factory-finished color that will never need painting. An assortment of colors is available to complement a broad array of home designs.

Seamless aluminum is currently the most popular of the gutter types. It’s been around for years and is expected last for decades on your home.

Premium Copper
Copper is rich and elegant and makes a dramatic statement. It starts out shiny like a new penny and ages to a beautiful patina that is unique and completely dependent on local climatic conditions. It is perfectly suited for restoration of older homes, but it looks great on any traditional style of house.

Copper also complements rustic or natural building materials like brick, stone, stucco, wood and slate. The joints and corner seams are soldered and the copper and the entire installation should last as long as any other gutter types out there.

Leaf Guard
We offer a variety of products to keep all gutter types free from leaves and other debris. LeafGuard devices allow water to pass into the drainage system, while larger solid materials just pass over the gutter. That means no more climbing a ladder to clean, and no more clogs. There are also screen-top styles that are more affordable and will keep you off the ladder.

Shapes and Sizes
Residential gutter types come in 4”, 5” and 6” sizes. The 5” size is the new norm for home use. We might suggest a larger size for certain situations. For example, a large, steeply sloped roof can be expected to catch a lot of rain in a storm and shed it quickly.

K-style is the typical gutter that we see on most properties in this area. The front piece is curvy and the entire unit resembles decorative molding. Half-round style is simply a round-bottomed trough. Picture a cylinder, lying on its side with the top half cut off. This type is a throwback to the turn of the century and is used in restoration of houses from that period. Copper half-round has a certain antique charm in this usage. Select half-round for an older house or for a newer one that features traditional design elements.

Box gutters are simple troughs, usually larger and used on buildings that have large roof areas, like schools and commercial buildings.

We Are Here to Help
There’s no need to get too bogged down thinking about all of the possibilities. Give us a call. As soon as we show you some examples of what works well on your style of house, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of the look you want.

Rain Gutter Types

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We repair, replace and install all gutter types in O’Fallon, Belleville, Fairview Heights and all of the surrounding area. Contact us now for your free, no obligation estimate and onsite consultation.

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