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Do I really need a new roof?

Most hail or storm damage goes unnoticed with observation from the ground. You need a trained eye on your roof to inspect closely for damage. In most cases, hail or storm damage does not cause your roof to leak immediately. It does, however, ruin your roof and you may start having leaks within a few months if it is not replaced.

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My insurance company told me to get 3 quotes. Is that really necessary?

It is not necessary to get multiple quotes. They often say this because it is essentially doing the bargain shopping for the insurance company. At 1st Source Contractors, we take the Hassle Free Pricing approach to all insurance claims. This means, we do all work for the insurance allowance. Your only out-of-pocket expense is your deductible and any selected upgrades.

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My insurance company said I have no hail or storm damage, but my neighbors are getting a new roof. What should I do?

1st Source Contractors is experienced in getting your claim handled properly and if your insurance company stated that you do not have hail or storm damage, we would like to give you a second opinion. After inspecting your roof closely, if we find damage, we’ll take care of the process of getting your roof re-inspected and work on your behalf to get your claim accepted. We have been successful in getting many homeowners new roofs after the original insurance adjuster declined the claim. Our attention to detail during inspection often uncovers signs of hail or storm damage that many insurance adjusters erroneously overlook. Often times damage is “accidentally overlooked” if there is not another contractor there to contradict what the adjuster has to say.

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What would I have to pay for a new roof?

Your insurance company covers the cost of your roof minus your deductible. With normal deductibles, you often have very little out-of-pocket expenses at all. We will then request the actual cash value (ACV) received from the insurance company for the work completed after each trade. The final balance will be requested once the final check has been received from the insurance company.

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Why should I use 1st Source Contractors services?

  • We are a “General Contractor” which means we can take care of all your hail storm damage needs, not just your roof. We can take care of your roof, gutters, siding, paint, windows, screens and more. You don’t need to hassle with your insurance company AND a handful of different contractors. We take care of everything for you.
  • We have vast experience in storm damage restoration. Performing the repairs is easy for any contractor, but knowing how to deal with your insurance company and how to look for both marginal and heavy hail damage is where the best value is.
  • We respond promptly when a customer needs our services, especially in emergencies.
  • We use only major manufacturer’s materials and install products according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • We are highly regarded in the construction material supplier community because of our sound business principles and prompt payments.

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Will 1st Source Contractors work directly with my insurance company and the Adjuster?

Yes. From meeting your insurance adjuster to overcoming price discrepancies and invoicing the insurance company when your job is complete.

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I would like some money to be left over after repairs are completed. Is this possible?

Sometimes. We strive to keep the customers’ out-of-pocket expense at $0.00. To do this, we find which items do not have to be repaired and we use this money to cover the cost of the deductible and any selected upgrades. Often times there are more than enough funds to cover those expenses and the rest is yours to keep.

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What if I have a roofing quote for less than the insurance company is willing to allow. Will I get to keep the difference?

No. Insurance companies only release depreciation once a final invoice from the contractor doing the repairs is provided. If an invoice comes in for a lesser amount and for the same scope of repairs, the insurance company will pay based on the lower estimate. The insurance companies’ intention is to pay for the repairs, not pay for the repairs and give additional sums to the insured.

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My insurance company did not give me all my money up front. They are keeping my depreciation. What is depreciation?

Almost all homeowners have Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policies. With almost all RCV policies, the insurance company retains a portion of the loss for what they call depreciation. This is a recoverable depreciation which will be released after the desired repairs are completed. Depreciation will only be released on the items that are repaired.

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Will you need a down payment to start the repairs?

No. We do not require any down payments for residential repairs. We will request a first payment after the roof is completed, but only for the roof portion that has been received

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Do I need to be at home while you install my roof?

No. We simply need access to outside power and water.

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What should I do before 1st Source Contractors replaces my old roof?

  • 1st Source Contractors will notify you prior to the roof starting.
  • All gates need to be unlocked during installation for access to the entire property.
  • If you have a dog, please keep him tied up, away from the house or keep him indoors.
  • Children should not play around the exterior of the house during the roof replacement process.
  • Please make sure shoes are worn around the house at all times during roof replacement and for 30 days after.
  • Please remove all pictures from walls due to slight vibrations that may take place.
  • Please have vehicles out of the driveway and garage prior to roof start until roof completion.
  • Please cover or remove all items stored in attics.

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How long has 1st Source Contractors Services been in business?

1st Source Contractors has been serving our customers since 2003. Our highly qualified personnel have decades of combined experience in the roofing and construction industry.

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How long will it take to install the roof?

Normally between one and two days, depending on the size of the home and the pitch of the roof.

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What happens if it rains while you’re installing the roof?

We monitor the weather very closely and only remove what we can replace in the same day. We also carry tarps for any unexpected emergencies. When we leave at night, your roof is completely watertight.

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I have a mortgage company on my check. What do I do with it?

We have a dedicated in-house staff that helps with this process. If you would like, we can handle this entire process for you. We will have you sign Mortgage Affidavit giving our company permission to handle this process with your mortgage company for you. If you prefer, you can handle this process yourself and we will get you the documents you need to help complete this process. Sometimes mortgage companies return the funds immediately and other times they release it in portions after repairs and inspections are completed.

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Will you use my favorite brand of shingles?

Certainly. Most major shingle manufacturers are very close to one another in price and quality. We have access to all name brands, including GAF/ ELK, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, TAMKO and Atlas as well as a full line of premium roofing materials, including tile, metal, slate and engineered products.

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Will 1st Source Contractors check my existing ventilation for proper circulation?

Yes. Proper attic ventilation is very important in maintaining healthy roof decking and extending the life of the shingles. Good ventilation eliminates moisture in your attic that is harmful to your wood decking. Improper ventilation will ruin your roof. We’ll notify you if your attic provides inadequate ventilation and add the necessary ventilation as needed.

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Will the job be cleaned daily? Will 1st Source Contractors use a magnet for lost nails?

Yes. Each of our job sites is cleaned during the roofing process and at the end of every workday. We go over your property with a magnetic hand sweeper daily.

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Does 1st Source Contractors provide bathroom facilities for their employees or is the homeowner required to provide them?

You will not have to provide any bathroom facilities.

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Will the homeowner have to provide power and water?

Yes. We require external power and water to be available each day.

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Will the work meet local code requirements in my area?

Yes. 1st Source Contractors has extensive experience with local building codes. We will not do any work that does not meet code requirements.

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How do I pay the final bill if I have not received all my money yet?

We only invoice for work completed and monies received from the insurance company. We will handle the necessary paperwork to get the depreciation released from the insurance company after the repairs are completed. We will not invoice you for the final amount until we know the depreciation has been received.

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I have a contractor that is willing to cover all or a large portion of my deductible. Is this legal?

No. This is text book insurance fraud. The insured is always responsible for the deductible. If a contractor is willing to defraud your insurance company, what would they likely do to you?

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